I am a textile artist & Printmaker from Cornwall. I work mostly with lino blocks to create artworks designs & which is my absolute passion but I’ve also been known to work with some more organic materials for products like British wool. My background was very much in studying Illustration & using those techniques I’m able to achieve some fairly details work using wool to replicating creatures (like moths) from the natural world which give me a lot of joy.

I love the local/sustainability or recycled nature of most of the materials I work with & I am fascinated with nature & the hedgerows, I sit for hours looking at birds not to draw them in great detail, I love looking at all of my bird & insect books to do that but to get a really good feel for the way they move & stand so that I can get the feel of them right…. I hope you enjoy coming to look, let me know if you have any questions info@loutonkin.co.uk 

Very best wishes,




9 thoughts on “Home

  1. I want to know how you got started or I guess a better question is how/what would you recommend to begin felting? I love your work! I’m eager to learn.

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