New year outings

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I’ve been making the effort to go out on little outings as my New Years resolution… A day out last weekend took us to The Mid Cornwall Galleries  near Par in Cornwall( ). I’m rather ashamed to say I’ve never been before & I was so pleasantly surprised a great gallery! Really well displayed & organised, lots of great artists but for me the real treasure find was a print maker called Arthur Homeshaw.

Now, obviously I’m drawn to print but I’d never actually heard of Arthur?? A quick ‘Ecosia’ search (the new google, it plants trees per search) told me that actually dear Arthur was around from (1933-2011) so I just missed him by a whisker but what wonderful work…. (there is a good write up on here I’m glad I’ve found him now though & had I the pennies I would be marching out to get his fireworks print for my wall right now.

If you know of anyone I should enjoy looking up or I place you think I’d like to visit.. let me know.




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