A whole new year

Gosh! Such a lot happened last year that I think my feet actually left the ground at points.

Being a maker at The Lost Gardens of Heligan has of course been a source of constant joy, both socially & for wider inspiration & production.


My home life has changed to be almost unrecognisable compared to how it was last time I dared to blink (both sad & good), the children are happy & healthy though which is all that matters.. but it distracted me a LOT from my work last year & its definitely something to drag back this year.

Plans for the year; LOTS MORE PRINTING!

I’ve loved the print-making I’ve been able to do this year. I’m still doing my textile work of course but I’m going to make a point of making more time for print.


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Textile happiness that I’m still very much in love with:


What else has happened?? My harvest poster for Heligan was a great success & used everywhere..

& I was in the paper quite a bit… (the poppies only because of the beautiful poppies rather than me)

We were given a partnership status with the Campaign for wool for our wool project & I was commissioned to make an artwork to give as a gift for our royal visit at Heligan


I liked this still life artwork of the head gardeners office so much made from the Longwool that I kept it for myself!

17319_980616951978471_3647551885700215986_nI won 1st prize at The Port Eliot Festival for my flower arrangement (A particular highlight of the year)


Everyone was given a handmade spoon for Christmas (my resolution 2 years ago)

& the 2016 resolutions are to play more! find time for the beach or for seeing friends & visiting other creative spaces.

Cheers to you all, may we all have a ball this year xxx


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