Tales from the unexpected…

I’ve been at home for the last week or so with the horrid flu…. I haven’t really had the strength to do my normal work but at the weekend Rosie asked if we could do a bit of painting with the paints she gave me for Christmas, it seemed easier to just go with it than to protest.

It would be good to tell you at this point that I haven’t done ant real actual PAINTING for years, while the adventure of art college was good in many ways it sadly completely destroyed my confidence when it comes to illustrations with paint so I’ve slowly moved away from it over the years to mediums which allow a bit more surprise & abstraction like printmaking. However with the enthusiasm from my 7 year old daughter we had a little ‘paint off’ & did these pictures of our beloved hens. (Below)


And we both really loved doing it! So as I’ve been straggling about at home I put my time to good use, dragged out a yet unused special sketch book (a gift from my talented artist friend Megan Rose) & set too it!

I chose, as I’m not there, to do my favourite spots around The Lost Gardens of Heligan, this is where I’ve got to so far…

Do you have a favourite place in the gardens that I should be working on next? Suggestions please.





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