Winter Giveaway.

I’ve spent a day waiting in at home today instead of working at Heligan out there in front of people, its a murky, reflective sort of day & it’s given me the chance to look at & refresh my online stuffs- different social media sites etc. & actually I have to say a great big THANK YOU to you all!

Without me actually shouting about it you have all been supporting, following & commenting with such lovely things to say, I know I don’t always give that sort of thing 100% of my attention, I don’t always get to reply to every comment even though I wish I could, but it all takes up a LOT of time, I do appreciate it & thrive with the positive feedback you give me. To show my appreciation I’ve given a bit of that precious & unexpected time in my day today to make this hand felted Peacock butterfly which I can give to one of you as a giveaway.


It’s just the butterfly, not backed or sewn onto anything… that way I thought you could use it for anything you fancied? It could be turned into a brooch with a pin or hair slide, a little wire to suspend it somewhere? Whatever you fancy. To be in with a chance to win it I need you to help me reacquaint myself with my media sites.. This special unique bit of butterfly shaped wool can be won by someone who follows me on my adventures in each of this exciting places.. Twitter; Facebook; Instagram; (really bad at this one so far- help!) My blog; & my Pinterest thingy; I’m going to have a bit more of this time stuff over the next couple of days to read  & enjoy it

Is there anything else I’ve missed? Anyway, that’s enough to be getting on with. Liking & sharing on my facebook page always helps as well as its been my favourite so far (always did like pictures!) ❤

Thank you again ever so much for your support & I look forward to seeing the shares & comments,

all the best,



3 thoughts on “Winter Giveaway.

  1. I so enjoy the beautiful work you do! The butterflies are lovely. Thanks for sharing the blog link. I know I’ll enjoy following what creations you are inspired to do.

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