Back to school & back to it!

What a lovely half term it’s been! Far too short of course & we didn’t really go anywhere but the children were so happy playing in the woods, the beach & making stuff So we didn’t really need to…imageimageimageimage

imageimageimageBut it’s back to it this morning, I’ve got lots of commissions to get on with & work to do for some summer fairs I’m hoping to do & I can’t wait!

While I hate the children going back to school after the holidays I would be telling great big fibs if I said I wasn’t looking forward to a whole wonderful week of work stretching out ahead of me, but before I do, I walked the back way back after taking the children to school this morning & as I had my phone in my pocket I thought I would take some pictures to share the spring happenings with you.


3 thoughts on “Back to school & back to it!

  1. And Rolo says thank you very very much for being able to share the walk to and from school with you, enjoying the company and the sunshine and lots and lots of smells x

  2. Lou the photos are great, I can just imagine the fresh smells of spring with that wet grass and the wind from the coast! I love your birds (needle felted ones!) they came out great! Your other birds look good too; I used to have lots of chickens and miss them so much! Is that an electric fence you use? Does it keep predators out? My chickens would fly out, how do you keep them in, do you clip their wing feathers?

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