A day of parts

It was my children’s first day back to school today & the start of a very long ‘to do’ list for me. But luckily the first thing on my list was to collect my dress sample from the dress maker so I headed in the Falmouth direction which felt like such a treat!

I lived in Falmouth for 7 years & my boys were born there so a trip over there even though it takes about an hour is really loaded with nostalgia & loveliness & luckily I got there early so I hung out in Miss Peapods café on the edge of the Penryn river for an hour with a sketch book & the West Briton Newspaper while listening to the AMAZING sounds of the local choir practising upstairs.



Then it was time for my dress! pretty much as I had requested it to be & I’m really happy with it. However…… this isn’t an entirely happy story. The quote I was given was £120 for a pattern & a mock sample with £60 deposit & the rest upon collection. When I took my little fist of notes today to collect I was give a final bill for £409 (!!!!) There was me thinking that a total quote was a total quote?- I might need to seek advice for this, what would you do??



But my day was super recovered by going over to the Ma Show at Falmouth Art College to see my friend Sue Bamford (a true genius in the world of most things but especially for mending, sewing, art & the environment). A wonderful cheering exhibition full of enlightenment & hope.

IMG_7276 IMG_7277 IMG_7278 IMG_7275 IMG_7267 IMG_7268 IMG_7270 IMG_7271 IMG_7272 IMG_7273 IMG_7274



9 thoughts on “A day of parts

  1. Did you pay the £409? I would certainly take advice. That’s the whole point of getting a quote! You could have a sticky situation though if you’ve already paid the money. Phone citizens advice bureau.

  2. Did you get the quote ‘in writing’? If so then you would pay the intended amount – of course if ‘extras’ cropped up on route then the maker should have informed you accordingly…£409 for one short dress does seem extortionate… are those bound seams you are showing with the yellow tape?

  3. Have you got everything in writing about the original quote? Sounds like a HUGE mistake to have made by somebody. You couldn’t POSSibly have got it wrong to that extent: 150 instead of 115 I could have understood being misheard but not such a wildly different number. Did you know the dressmaker personally before this transaction?


    • I didn’t know her before, I found her in the phone book…. The thing I don’t understand is why she didn’t tell me she was so far over?? We have exchanged 12 emails & 2 phone calls since I met her in July & asked her to do the dress & she didn’t once say that she had bought any extras or ANYTHING?…. I had paid her the deposit originally & I took with me the remaining balance from the invoice I have on an email quote from her, so I haven’t paid the extra £289. It leaves such a bad feeling.

  4. Lou I agree with all of the others ladies, I can see no reason at all why a bill would rise more than double and at the end of a day a quote is a quote, did you get it in writing? But I certainly would not pay the extra, what is the material? did she buy it or you? does she have receipts for any extra’s if so you need to see them.
    If she found the cost was going to rise she should have consulted you first, and is that yellow binding?

    • I have got it in writing. I wondered about offering to pay for the materials? But then wondered why I would do this?….. I wouldn’t charge any of you extra material costs if one of you commissioned an artwork that took me more time than i thought it would. (Yes it’s yellow binding! which I love)

  5. Hi Lou
    A quote is a quote! An estimate would have been different. Therefore you should not have to pay the extra. Email is legally binding. Any extra costs should have been discussed with you first before she proceeded. Do not feel bad about it – you have the law on your side.

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