Oh Lordy!

I think I have created someone even more ‘making’ obsessive than me!!?!! (Look out for the lions at the bottom)

We have had a lovely time playing with the screen prints from Friday. What do you think?





Rosie very much liked that some of you said you would like a lion yourself & of course she sees me making & selling things all the time- so after a long discussion about selling things & how it works (& that it would be silly to spend all of the money you ever earn in Digby’s sweet shop :/ ) we agreed that we could try to sell some lions.

These lions are smallish- as you can over see & hand printed from a drawing by a 6 year old child, they are wonky all over the place, some have very ‘special’ 6 year old stitches, some have variations in the print quality.

BUT- with all that… if you would like a lion from Rosie they will cost £10 each (I talked her down from £19) This includes the postage (UK) & it also includes a £2 donation to a charity of her choice which is the butterfly conservation trust (part of the money talk)

It’s first come first served, but the money from them will go towards buying some blank t-shirts which she wants, so she can print some more things (to sell of course!!) & towards making BIGGER softie lions.

Money can be sent to my paypal account using my email:: info@loutonkin.co.uk

Thanks on behalf of Rosie.





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