Giveaway update

While my children are outside in the sunshine doing their valuable 15 minutes for the ‘Big Butterfly count’ (there are only a couple of days left if you haven’t done it) I thought I would admit defeat inside over my giveaway game plan (which nobody really did & there are still more butterflies in my kitchen felted out of wool than there are in the garden) & change the rules.

NOW, If you would like to enter the giveaway to win a hand felted peg butterfly (there are 5 to win) just like & share the picture from this link on my facebook page – if you are not on FB just leave a comment below to enter. I will find someone suitably amusing to pull the names out of the hat on Friday the 30th of August.


Is that easier?




16 thoughts on “Giveaway update

  1. So beautiful – wish you were here in Michigan because I would have you fly those winged beauties over to the Plymouth Art Council where I am the Exhibit Director and put them all over our walls for an exhibit – went to your etsy site to see if I could buy one, but no butterflies there…..keep filling the kitchen with them – truly beautiful!

    • I am SO rubbish with my etsy site- sorry!! It is on my ‘to do’ list but I’m not against making a load of butterflies to put up as an exhibit in Michigan…. let me know.


  2. Do you think if I put some of the white ones around my sprouts, and broccoli it would make the real ones leave them alone??????

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