A grand sort of week.

Oohhh it’s been such a lovely week of beaching & playing around with the children, it makes me feel very lucky to live in Cornwall by the seaside, it’s also been a week of great personal indulgences- I’ve really been catching up with those things that I should have done at home but never quite get around to… I’ve made some beautiful curtains out of the saris we brought back from Malaysia, put up the Chinese lanterns as lampshades, made some scrumptious cushions out of the screen printed squares from the Newlyn workshop & even started painting the outside of the house!

It’s been a good week for selling work as well, some of my very favourite pieces have gone off to new homes & bless her, lovely Suzie at The Four Crows Gallery in Porthleven has been selling like a real trouper. I was featured on this weeks ‘Day in a Life’ by Maker’s Boutique- http://makersboutique.tumblr.com/post/56866158573/day-in-the-life-of-lou-tonkin & I’ve also finished a commission which I’m pretty proud of- a wool rug (pictures below)

For the bits in between it’s just been the normal whirlwind of painting on the table, dressing up, face-painting a plenty & baking galore!

Today however is the most exciting day of all- friends coming to share it with us. (rain, rain go away!!)


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