Birthday workshop success & a giveaway!

Wow that was a hectic day, the last day of the school term & little Rosie’s birthday party! I had the usual problem of being dragged in two ways by the boys who wanted to fling themselves into the sea with their friends (last day tradition) & Rosie who actually just wanted to open her parcels in the post…. but Phew!  It all worked ok. And also my gamble over this years birthday party for little Rosie was a success- In a moment of madness I thought that instead of doing the usual ‘invite the whole class to the village hall’ for general tea & cake that we would do a little party for just a few friends & do a little workshop- I do workshops all the time for other people but never quite get around to it for my own.

So with cake made, teachers cards collaged to say great big thank-yous & with homemade raspberry lemonade poured into outrageously pink glasses we did our workshop….

We also did, butterfly face-painting, butterfly hide & seek, grow your own flower pass the parcel, butterfly buns etc..

It was all a success (& my 3 children cleared up afterwards to say thank you (!!)) but now I have all of these butterflies left over, & they did kind of multiply in the end, I could just keep them….. but I could also give them away, would any of you like one as a little thank you?

Ha! you thought it was going to be that easy?? No, no, noooo I need to keep the school holiday/work balance going, so for this give away as it is from a jolly celebration for the children & over the hols it is going to be a bit of a school holiday project.

Most summers I spend dashing around to different craft fairs to try to sell stuff, some fairs I organise with ‘DIY Craft Cornwall’ & some I just go to but it does mean that the children spend quite a lot of time saying ‘mummy we don’t really want to go today’ etc.. So this year I’m not doing it, instead I have worked really hard to get some artworks that I’m really proud of into some lovely galleries & I’m hoping that I can sell things that way instead, also I will keep making artworks & cards etc. which will be put onto my facebook page- & of course I’m still working on my clothing line (with some naming issues which might be a blog question on another day) so hopefully that will all be enough, but it does mean that I will miss out on a large chunk of the networking part of the craft fairs this summer (I already don’t get out enough-please visit if you are passing!) so might you be able to help me a little bit with that? tell your friends etc, maybe just maybe someone might want something at some stage?? (A workshop? Artwork? Cards, wool mending?) & this is where the school project bit comes in- to enter my give away all you have to do is comment below & if you are someone who already follows me mention that you are someone who already follows me, if you are somebody new, tell me who sent you over, my children (who love making charts!) are going to make a chart which has everyone’s name written down who sent people over to look, the person who sends the most people wins a butterfly- EASY!

Do you get it?

Good luck! xx

Lou (On your marks…. GO!!)


8 thoughts on “Birthday workshop success & a giveaway!

  1. Hi Lou, I’m already a follower of your blog, and have shared your giveaway on my Knitandpurlgarden Facebook page. I would love to win a butterfly! Rosie’s party looked wonderful 🙂 Happy school holidays Claire x

  2. Hi Lou! I justbecame a follower right now! I’ve seen your link on Claire Durbin’s blog which I discovered today (here in Brussels) and I discovered her’s on the Rowan website from the Rowan enewsletter. I would love to win a butterfly, I’m into butterflies lately and just started to crochet some… but here in Brussels, don’t know how to send people over to you?! Good luck & talk to you soon! Happy Summer! Christina

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