Drum roll please……

It’s giveaway time!!

IMG_5021Thank you very much to everyone who entered & shared I REALLY appreciate it.

A tricky one this… I couldn’t just do a random number generator thing because It might not have fit the person.. I also wanted to choose someone who understood the medium or at least really liked it & would be able to feed results back to me.

So after much pen tapping & person researching I have chosen my jacket (guinea pig) winner!

Congratulations Fran Sherbourne!!

Fran bought a little wren picture off me quite recently (the email landed in my inbox literally as we were waiting for the flight back from Malaysia) So I know she likes what I do.. & I really appreciated the support & good feedback at the time.

pictureALSO Fran does such a brilliant thing that I thought it would be nice to do a little bit of information about her company- a sort of mutual appreciation.

She has the ‘Little Stamp Store’ & as she says on her facebook page::

https://www.facebook.com/LittleStampStore ‘I hand carved rubber stamps that are mounted onto beautiful kiln dried oak blocks. Using oak blocks the traditional way gives a stunning finish to the stamp’.

They sound beautiful & they are so beautiful, I am going to be watching her page VERY closely in the future x

35527_608749839139919_230670843_n 601775_660211973993705_1960185043_n 943656_660212040660365_1880713775_n


So there you are, I hope you enjoy it Fran & I will look forward to the feedback.

To everyone else, don’t worry if you didn’t win this one, I’ll look for something else you might like as another giveaway soon ❤



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