Accidental art…

I’m having such a lovely time creating artworks at the moment that I ‘meant’ to go out today for a grocery shop but what actually happened was that I sat down at the table just to finish off a couple of stitches & think about my magpie design & when I looked up it was now, almost 3pm & almost time to get the children- oops! & I am very aware that my making frenzy must be clogging up everyone’s social media news feeds but I’m not anywhere even nearly well behaved enough to stop! so I thought I would put my new picture on here first.

& also to ask you for some advice… my task for the summer is to try to get some of my artworks into galleries, I’m aware that they are not conventional or even painted.. so I thought I would see if any of you know of any great quirky gallery who might like to stock me?? (I like the idea of trips to places like Brighton please???)










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