Sunday night after the most perfect half term EVER!

Well it’s Sunday night again after the most amazing half term week, the sun shone, we moved back into our house in the very lovely little Cornish village we get to live in, long hours were spent lolling (is that a word?)  in the garden planting vegetables & cutting flowers, the children off playing with friends they haven’t seen since the beginning of the winter. Everything looked more perfect than ever- like when you clean something & it sparkles as good as new & you love it more than ever! It was so lovely to see friends, all brilliant really.

P1070895And as if my mood wasn’t already good enough I got to pick up my newly framed pictures from Richard the framer, it’s going to take me some time to decide which is my favourite I LOVE them all! it makes me slightly reluctant to sell them… I might just have to squirrel one or two away…

Here they are though, which is your favourite?

IMG_5114 IMG_5090



IMG_5138 IMG_5139

IMG_5140IMG_5142 IMG_5143& don’t forget my giveaway it’s still going on I’ll choose sometime soon.

Lou xx


3 thoughts on “Sunday night after the most perfect half term EVER!

  1. Lovely to know you’ve settled back into your old home…I love your new framed pix….the butterflies are wonderful but I especially like the ship in the bottle…fantastic. Keep on creating your wonderful artworks… Jill

  2. The butterfly looks amazing! I’m torn between the two with St Michaels Mount in as you’d expect. The one with you in is my favorite I think…..xxxx

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