Back to it.

Well, we are at the end of our first week back in Cornwall & we are all having a pretty good time, the children are loving being at Marazion School, SUCH a nice school & everyone has been so welcoming & they can really appreciate it after their experience with schooling in Malaysia. I’m back to work in a little studio which is brilliant & I find myself smiling from ear to ear knowing I can just make stuff whenever I feel like it.

IMG_4825IMG_4829IMG_4831Also we have had some smashing little outings locally, there really is everything here- beautiful coves & beaches, lovely festivals & fairs. I went to the Helston Flora dance on Wednesday meeting friends, I took you some pictures & a little video of course.

Stuff to do now; apply for the textile fair at Heartlands & prepare for the workshop with Kate Humble & get working on lovely things that people might just want to buy off me?  Craft fairs might be a little bit more difficult this summer so I am going to have to rely on online stuff more, If anyone would like to share my facebook pictures every now & then I would be extremely grateful- it would be good to get my page back out there now after being away so long.

It’s great to have adventures but also very nice to be home x



5 thoughts on “Back to it.

  1. Welcome back to Cornwall! A good week to return..the weather was amazing at the weekend! Would you be able to tell me any more about the textile fair at Heartlands?, Its a fantastic place..I only discovered it recently. I’ve found you on facebook too now (I’m Lisa … aka the little dotty bird). The Helston floral fair looks fab..I was hoping to get to Helston tomorrow for a new craft fair thats started up called ‘Wonderland’ but I’m feeling pretty ill so its looking unlikely 😦 Its on once a month over the Summer so hopefully make it next month.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you, it is great to be back (although I’m sitting typing with a hot water bottle on my knee) I don’t really know very much about the Heartlands fair, another facebook crafter ‘Prettythingsfrompickle’ sent me the link, I might just phone them today to find out a bit more & see what sort of bookings they have so far. The Wonderland fair looks good, I had already popped an email across to them but their next fair is on the one weekend I’m away at a workshop so I’m hoping for the one after that. Lets think positive thoughts for good weather to make all of these things great!

      • fab, I’m hoping to make it too the next fair for look around and then have a stall at the July/August fairs. I’d love to see your work so I hope you do have a stall there..look forward to meeting you 🙂

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