More dress decisions- nearly there?

IMG_3428IMG_3499dress10 Ok ignoring the batik designs (I wish there was a plain linen cloth here to try) which looks better?

Style 1? Style 2? Or Style 3 (My tailor got a bit creative with no 3 & changed the measurements so not only has she taken out the pleat & made the skirt fuller on my request she has also raised the waist- maybe it looks better, it doesn’t feel as comfortable…?)

I know they are only smallish changes but they will be more noticable on the wool fabric, do i need to try once more with the fuller skirt but with the waist a bit lower where it was meant to be or does the skirt look better with the pleat in style 2???

dress1 The original design- I think no 2 is the closest to the design but does it look the best? I think I might feel really relieved when this bit is done, the fabric has come & is made into a dress & I can get on with my bit of drawing all over it with lovely wools 🙂


17 thoughts on “More dress decisions- nearly there?

  1. I don’t know why on EARTH you should trust my judgement, since you have no idea if I have any sense of style but I’m bunging in my two- pennorth just in case nobody else has!! I’m 5′ 2″ tall, overweight though not enormous [trying to shed some] and I’m 63 years old. These days I wear a lot of layered Gudrun Sjoden clothes if you want to google her, just to give you a clue. There are a few sartorially unhelpful photos of me on facebook, too. Right – here we go:

    I personally love the length of number 1 [and that’s a glorious photograph of you, by the way!]. Narrowing the shoulder “straps” in number 2 seemed to improve the fit but the armholes do look tight, even if they’re not. I didn’t like the pleat in number 2 sari fabric though it [or possibly an overlap?] could be fine in the wool version. The fullness of number 3 may not show to the advantage of your decoration on the “real” fabric. Could the skirt merely [!] be cut on the bias somehow to give fullness without gathering?

    And, if you don’t like the long version, would a length somewhere between 1 and 2 work?

    I’ll keep on thinking about this while I’m involved in automatic-pilot stuff today.


    • You are right of course Delia & while I would like to call myself 5’2ft, the midwife with my last child was happy to inform me that I am actually 5’1ft (we all want to get rid of a bit of weight it’s part of being us) but i think you are right, style 2 felt a bit small around the arms & breathing with a plate of mee goreng inside me was an uncomfortable feeling, I like to think with a wool dress that it could be loose & cool for the summer & with enough room to put something under it with tights & big boots for the winter. and to display it properly without someone stuffed inside it for the exhibition I think it has to be as long & elegant as possible. If you have any other thought let me know. A big hug & thank you back x

  2. I have to agree with Delia..I’m a dress 2 fan but like the length of dress 1! Also smiling at Delia’s comment about trusting our judgement…excuse me while I slip into my gold lame jumpsuit and fakefur bolero ;)xx

  3. Hi
    I actually prefer the first one possibly because of the length, but with the narrower arm straps of 2. On the third one the waist does look a bit high, maybe the pleat could be a wrap over? In wool fabric that may work well with the weight, especially if its a low waist, almost hipster. I have just read the other comments and it surprised me that we are all basically saying the same – and of course you know what a fashion conscious guru I am….no need to answer that Lou! ( don’t they want wool jeans! be good in our freezing cold weather)

    • I think we all agree, No2 but as long as possible with the material. You are my fashion guru Elaine, who else could i have asked to rescue me out of my wedding dress back when 😉

      I got an email from Tom yesterday so hopefully he will come to see us soon x

  4. Im definitely not an expert but I also think No.2’s the best shape for your designer dress,wouldnt be too ‘fussy’in wool though agree that somewhere between 1 and 2 lengthwise could look more elegant and classic. I know Im biased but think you look fantastic in No.1,this style would suit everyone in light cotton,linen or ‘silky’fabric.Lots love xx

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