Oh Crikey!

It’s not as easy as you think ‘getting back into work’ in a new environment. So far this week I have done a lot of tapping my fingers on the table, looking after a sick child for 2 days, sweating in the heat, making unneccessary outings just to divert from the things that need doing, downloading bits of Radio 4 that I NEED to sit & do work & producing a small amount of fairly terrible felting & printing.

I refuse to give up however & will plough on this week & see what else happens, it just goes to show how much we take our environment & the inspiration it feeds us with for granted.

I have very kindly attached some pictures of this weeks activities, the fun & the not so…

Help me Malaysia I need inspiration from you!!


3 thoughts on “Oh Crikey!

  1. the photos are wonderful Lou…you’re on such an amazing adventure – all those lovely new colours, sounds and smells from the market too….don’t fret about lack of inspiration you’ve shown your artistic side is at work and I just love your felted creations….

  2. Keep going, you will get there 🙂  Having a sick child doesn’t really help with the motivation factor does it.

    Take care Zoe x aka ScentedSweetpeas on facebook and blog


    • No it doesn’t help all that much & sends my mother guilt (‘My child has been bitten by a tropical insect & her foot has swollen up like a balloon!!’) spinning out of control. Luckily she is completely better now & my work from yesterday was much better- phew…. If you fancied sharing anything on facebook I might love you forever, I’m getting fewer likes- with good reason now that I’m out of the country & not selling.

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