Happiness is…

A relaxing place to live so that you can go off easily to have adventures. After last weeks disastrous apartment experience I am especially grateful for the peace of the new place we have found.

We also got our boxes of stuff that was shipped from home & it was like Christmas when we unpacked all of our familiar stuff, sewing machine, tins to keep things in (I did sob briefly when i found a hair from my old dog who is lodging with my Ma back in the UK).

We even went out for a shopping trip to buy some scribbly art stuff & at last have a relaxed system so the children can feel chilled & get on properly with some studies (on the beach of course).


I thought I might just send you a few pictures so that you can imagine where I am even if you can’t imagine how incredibly hot it is.







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4 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Hi
    Glad you are settling in. Have you changed apartment then? Must be great to have all your things around you again so you can make home. Life here trundles on with autumn really set in now. Foxhole Lane is closed off – yes the council are finally doing it and not just a bucket of tarmac stamped in by the workmen. Apparently it will be an experimental tarmac with a very smooth finish which should be great when we get the first bad frost/ice…!!! Patsy has moved and the house sale went through on Friday last week – end of an era! She has found a warm, not damp maisonette in Hertfordshire and should move in end of this month. Not much other news. Tony has caught more squid so is happy. He is birthday boy today.
    Love to you all

    • Only just got this, it wouldn’t let us see it? The internet connection is rubbish here. Wish Tony a belated happy birthday from us. Exciting to think the potted road is being recoated while we are away, it will improve the boys speed on their bikes- gulp.

      Hope you are all well, speak soon when we finally get connected at home.

      All my love,,

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