Malaysia ‘the adventure’

Well I promised myself I wouldn’t bore you with thousands of blog posts & pictures from Malaysia after all I am just a cornish artist from Cornwall not some fancy world traveller… but here I find myself in a very different part of the world in the boiling sunshine having a lovely time promised for a whole year! & it’s only day 2 so I musn’t get carried away with myself but this place is just STUFFED with inspiration, who could not want to go & get a new sketch book from a charming market stall in china town in Kuala Lumpur & not scribble as though it is the last day ever & draw as though your very life depends upon it :)Basically we are having a super lovely time & even though my camera gave out half way through the day I couldn’t resist sharing some of the beautiful parts with you & while I fight with the idea of making a gin & mango smoothie as it’s now 9.30pm on Friday evening, I will upload these pictures which I hope you will enjoy.

P.s. I think there might be LOTS of peacocks in my work this year xx

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16 thoughts on “Malaysia ‘the adventure’

  1. Oh yes, please bore us with these posts. You must be so encouraged and feeling full of life to see these native birds. A year there? Wonderful. Hope you’ll be sharing more…love the excitement to run off to the charming shop to buy a sketchbook and record. Look forward to your next adventure. Inspiring.

    • I sort of can’t wait until next week when we will be moving from our hotel room in KL to Kuantan where we will be staying for a year so that all of my work stuff will come & I can get on with it x

  2. Sounds amazing and will get the juicer out to try gin and mango though its only 3.30pm and horrid wet and cold weather! Love the pictures. Love to all of you, already missing the children’s laughter

  3. yippeeeee! You have made it safely and are embracing it with bells on 🙂 Couldn’t ask for more..apart from a wee space in the suitcase! Loving the photos and looking forward to seeing MORE! x

  4. Hey Lou, sounds wonderful !! hope the rest of the family are also having a wonderful time too, although I can’t possibly imagine that they can’t be ! Send some sun if it gets too hot for you xxx Look forward to more pics xx

  5. Dear Lou Fanstastic to think of you all in hot weather! We are so pleased you’re having fun. Thanks for looping us into your world there – it comes alive through your versatile pen much more than it wld through a documentary. Take care of yourselves. Sx

  6. Hi Lou, thank-you for including me in your big adventure. Wow what a year you are in for, I look forward to seeing many more photos and your fabulous sketches.
    Enjoy that sun, chilly here today.

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