Louigi in Parigi.

I have always, always, ALWAYS wanted to go to Paris, & because my husband ffinlo is so brilliant the first thing he did when hearing the news that he would need to go to Paris for a work trip was to look into flights for me to come with him. So with granny fully ensconced in our house to look after our three little children we flew off for the first time to belle Paris!

It didn’t disappoint, the whole city is crammed full of loveliness, beautiful things & wonderful people. I walked the streets for hours, sketched in cafes, visiting the many vintage french clothes shops ,treating myself to the odd souvenir of course, which in it self was brilliant, in one shop as I was paying for a classic cotton checked dress I saw a scarf which I also liked, I asked how much it was & she said “nothing, it is a gift from me” I LOVE Paris, I had the most brilliant time.

And as I sit here on this soft grey Cornish morning with my t-shirt & flip-flops of Paris replaced with a jumper & scarf preparing to clear up the left over play dough mountain before I start on my work orders I do so very happily listening to ‘Idylle Parisienne’ a CD from one of the street musicians.

Ayez un joli beau monde de jour!

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