Simple steps for felted pebbles.

Here are my simple steps for felted pebbles.

*First find a lovely beach- the quiet sort with sand & sun is best.

*Next have a walk about & find the very best pebbles, the perfect ones are the ones that fit in the palm of your hand comfortably.

*Light a fire to make a cup of tea- it’s February as I write this post so it’s nice to keep your hands warm around an old enamel mug.

*Place your chosen pebble onto a piece of synthetic fabric, I’ve use an old juggling scarf found in my little boy’s toy box.

*Start to wrap your pebble with strands & lumps of Merino wool until it is all woolly & wrapped without any holes. You can add strands of wool for decorations?

*Spray your pebble with diluted soapy water (washing up liquid is best).

*Wrap it up in your bit of fabric & start to gently squeeze it- keep doing this for quite a while it takes a bit of effort to felt wool.

*Unwrap it & see how it looks? If it has some holes patch then with a bit more wool, wrap it up again & repeat. If it all looks great wrap it up again and start to rub it. Keep checking it & unwrapping it, you can start to be much rougher as it becomes felted.

*When it is all felted  rinse it in the sea to get rid of the bits of stray sand & dried seaweed that might have crept in there and display with joy to dry in the sun!

*Celebrate with lunch & toasted marshmallows on the fire.

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