D.I.Y. Craft.

The weather outside was grey, the wind & waves crashed onto the beach below us, but tucked away in our little village institute in the splendid village Gorran Haven we had our first ever DIY Craft morning which was a roaring success. A dozen women met, each bringing along their own talents & skills with a thirst to learn something new, a craft to take home to entertain us & keep us happy in the winter evenings. The crochet table with my lovely friend Mavis Taylor was especially busy, learning how to make the first loops & chains, some to make blankets but others to make lovely woollen crowns which they are planning to sell to fundraise for the primary schools new playground.

I taught others how to make rugs to keep our floors & knees extra warm using recycled fabrics & found sheep wool with latch hooks & bodgers. There was a lady called Maureen there to show her beautiful quilts which I have treated you to some pictures of.

We have decided to do this as a group every month as it was so very good, the next one is going to be on the 25th November.

We hope to see you there!

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