THE day has finally come when my littlest little person has gone to school!

Little Rosie is just 4 years & 46 days old but off she has gone with a very excited & happy face, stiff black shoes (& brand new glitter hearing aids-thank you to our local audiology department). She couldn’t be more delighted to go- it was like the night before Christmas in our house last night.

But as for me I couldn’t quite bring myself to walk straight home… I have in the past cursed those frustrating days when I need to do some work or tidy the house but there was someone tiny needing my attention but now she has fluttered a bit out of the house it is so very quiet….

I will miss her very, very much at home but If I can give myself a little shake & sort out my glum face quickly before the wind changes, think of the work I should be able to do now! All of those lovely things to make ready for pre-Christmas craft fayres- slippers, felty hotwater bottle covers, broches, toys……., blustery walks to gather things for new pictures & time to find some work doing art classes. (all employment offers gratefully received!!)

I will be starting feltmaking & rug making classes soon. Probably two day workshops for the felt on a Friday & Saturday & a 5 week evening class (or morning class) for the rug-making to get all of our knees & toes warm ready for the winter.

If you would like to come to any of these give me a call or send a email-


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