The Cards are back from the printers.

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The ‘Beach Drawing’ cards are back from the printers and have been packaged beautifully into biodegradable & compostable corn starch packets with equally lovely recyled paper envelopes- the children are delighted, they have already scattered some to sell in our little local shops (The Coast Path Cafe, Cakebreads, The Mermaid & Harbours Reach Cafe) They are £1.80 each please do let us know if you would like some.

I’ve got three more pictures back from the framers which I have posted onto my Etsy shop. There are also lots of other lovely things to see for sale if you go to my ‘Facebook’ page ‘Lou Tonkin- Art & Graft’

Also…. I have decided to run some Rug-making & Felt-making classes for the autumn, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to attend them.



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