Things that make me happy.

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I drove back from a trip to cornwall today and there was a programme on Radio 4 about what makes us happy and measuring the happiness of our country. Mostly the discussion was centred around money and whether having more of it makes us happier?

I thought it would be nice to write down all of the things that make me happy each day… Maybe you could as well and we can read each others happiness, that might be a new one on the list.

1. homely things- I stayed at my mums last night and I like the familiarity.

2. I went for a walk along the cliff path at Gorran Haven the air was amazing I felt completely cleansed!

3. Seeing my children when I got home and my lovely friend Leigh.

4. My mug, it’s a small thing but I love my favourite mug, it makes me smile everytime I use it.

5.And tonight I get to do some needle felting, oh happy me!


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