Changes are happening.

I am managing to sell my animals which is fantastic because I was told it would be really difficult and it hasn’t been? Henny-Mary went down the road to Brierley to live with Rose and Guy. Henny-Ruby has gone to Trudie’s house and tonight the rest are going to bootcamp Paul’s. The sheep and being divided, three of the ewes are going to a smallholding near Ross-on-wye (Bramble, Bracken and Bonnie) Three of the girl lambs are going to Soudly (Laxey, Una and Doona) they are all registered so it is an achievement for the survival of the breed which is classed as endangered. However I hadn’t thought about how difficult it would be to divide the lambs from their mothers, they have a bond I think we don’t really appreciate.

I had to take one off this morning and his mother came charging after me bleeting madly. It felt wrong and cruel and it is definately a down side to keeping them, you have to be a bit tougher then I was this morning………

I have used the bad feeling to get on with a positive and have used this morning to pack the fleece from this years shearing into bags to be sent off to be spun into balls of wool and pre-felt.


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